Advocating for Youth into Government Youth Programs

Under LBS, YIDO initiated and built capacity of over 250 youth at parish-level youth and women-led savings and loan association (VSLAs) groups. YIDO is building the capacity of vulnerable youth and women to start and/or scale-up profitable business and access to gainful employment.  This is done in partnership with The Microfinance Support Centre where we mobilize community-based informal saving and enterprise groups and build their managerial and technical capacity to become organized SACCOs, provide basic business skills to members of the SACCOs and link them to Government-led enterprise programs such as Youth Livelihood fund, Innovation fund, Operation Wealth Creation, among others. Under LBS initiative, YIDO has rolled out a holistic approach towards poverty alleviation – from changing the mindset of rural and urban youth to providing financial literacy and improving access to capital, and from providing hands-on training in basic business management skills to monitoring their business performance for a period of 1 year, until their businesses turn to be more sustainable and self-funding.  For the past 3 years, YIDO has built capacity of and accredited more than 100 community-based saving and enterprise groups which are now registered with The Micro-Finance Support Center

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