Advocating for non-Violence in schools

YIDO’s partnership with Uganda Police Force and Recommendation of Ministry of Education and Sports has registered impactful achievement in addressing school targeted violence and crimes.

YIDO’s strategy to advocate for non-violence in schools is built in our capacity to mobilise and engage with schools for awareness rising and establishment of sustainable crime prevention structures in a school that respond to the district and national crime prevention mechanisms.


357 Anti Crime Clubs established in Schools

These student managed associations act as centers of information sharing between students and stakeholders, on likely causes, nature and applicable solutions of crime in a specific school, child rights awareness and protection as well as life skills development.


47000 copies of Schools Against Crime (SAC) Magazines

have been published and distributed to schools and key stakeholders country wide.  The SAC Magazine is an cross cultural student voice that supports the collection and dissemination of information on underlying causes, nature and applicable solutions for school targeted crimes.


4 National and 16 regional SAC Symposium

have been organized mobilizing schools and stakeholders to sharing experiences and best practices on prevention of crime in schools and supporting students participation in crime prevention through life skills development and improved performance and moral character.


57 School Income generating Projects established in 54 schools

YIDO has supported over 20,000 students to benefit in skills development training that foster self-employment.

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