Special thanks go to our staff at YIDO and the Executive Members of Schools Against Crime Club KOLOLO S.S for organizing such a wonderful meeting and more so, for participating and having dedicated their time to implement and coordinate the SAC program activities.

YIDO would like to thank the Uganda Police Force UPF for providing technical and logical support to SAC Program activities. We also heavily indebted to District local Government officers who have in one way or another supported and worked closely with our field team.

YIDO staff training the executive committee at Namirembe Hillside High Schoo                     

II.       General introduction from the SAC President

The SAC President Mr. Mugish  Akram welcomed all the participants who made it to the meeting and encouraged them to keep the love they have for SAC club. He invited the executive members to introduce themselves and submitted apologies for those who did not attend that was, the general Secretary and the Secretary for finance.

The president also informed the participants that he elected class representatives. So  that every class has SAC member to detect and prevent crimes in that particular class and they all report to the president who reports to the Head Prefect.

He added that as SAC Club at Kololo S.S, they have had achievements and failures.

Achievements including

Reduction of crimes in the school since they have class representatives who act as watch dogs and report anything they sense to related to a crime to the SAC president who also report to the head prefect.

Helping students in the SAC cub financially however much the club has not stabilized financially but sometime the little they have, the club has given a hand to the students who need financial assistance like books, pens and so on.

The Cub managed to start a book making business. However they still need some capital to increase production and realize some profits.

Helped drug addicts

Keeping peace in the school through crime prevention and detection

Challenges faced as a SAC Club

Project of book making

The members are the one putting a little they have which is also not enough which has hindered its development and realization of profits as a Cub.

The SAC president on the above note requested for YIDOs support as the old cabinet hands over to the new cabinet.

Poor cooperation by the School Administration toward the SAC club. The school administration has not allocated time for a Club to meet and discussion issues going on the school and the club as well. The school programs are so fixed that the club find no time to share anything. 

Executive committee members are inactive, they are domant and don’t even know what takes place in the club. This has pulled the club behind because some leaders are sleeping. They don’t do their roles and responsibilities. This had forced the president to dismiss some executive members in the SAC Club.

Some of the executive members don’t even know the people they are working with. The president encouraged them to know each other and know their roles and responsibilities.

The president encouraged the club members to cooperate with the prefectural body.

III.      Communication from the YIDO Staff

Presentation from Mr. Kwizera George.

He welcomed participant and informed them that Youth Integrated Development Organization (YIDO) in partnership with the Uganda Police Force implements the Schools Against Crime Programme in all schools in Uganda. The main programme objective is to reduce crime in communities to achieve development. The Schools Against Crime (SAC) programme targets school going youths like the students at Namirembe Hillside S.S in the campaign to reduce their vulnerability to crime, either as victims or offenders.

That one of the strategies employed under SAC is the School Outreach Programme where we visit schools; that is primary, secondary and higher institutions of learning specifically to sensitize the students or pupils who are prone to crime both as offenders and victims about crime, its prevention and management measure.

That It is YODOs pleasure to meet students in an interactive discussion with our professional team that involves social workers, police officers, councilors, lawyers and administrators. That the SAC team is aimed at empowering the students with life management skills such as creative thinking, interpersonal skills, managing self-esteem and a saving culture that will help you grow up well equipped and self-driven for all aspects of life.

He also informed the participants that YIDO recognizes that public safety and security of persons and property is indispensable to any initiatives by individuals, communities, corporate entities and the state to successfully invest and develop sustainably. YIDO promotes community policing as a strategy for crime prevention, management of conflict and promotion of public safety through community awareness, mobilization and advocacy. In partnership with Uganda Police Force (UPF), under community policing framework, YIDO implements community policing interventions through strategic partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to proactively address the conditions that give rise to public safety challenges such as crime, social disorder, and abuse of the law, human rights and freedoms. This Program has two interventions currently under implementation – namely;

He continued to explain to the participants about the YIDOs projects as,


Where we focuses on two main areas, HIV/AIDS care and Maternal and child health.

It supports increased and MCH services to the most deserving population in Uganda.


Where we focuses on supporting the disadvantaged children with the rage of services that varies according to societal needs.

In general it’s a responsive department supporting the delivery of quality primary and secondary education in Uganda. The department is supported by three units, namely, Bursary and Sponsorship Unit, quality improvement unit, and schools againsts crime SAC Unit.


Livelihood and business support LBS Department is charged with socio-economic empowerment of the vulnerable and poor people with disabilities-both in rural and urban setting. The overarching objective of LBS Department is to empower youth, children and women, holistically and lastly our YIDOs areas of operation that YIDOS activities are currently implemented in three regions ie Western, Eastern and Central Region.

Sarah Ainembabazi presented on the roles and responsibilities of the SAC executive members as highlighted in the SAC constitution but because of the limited time, she requested the president SAC club to organize another meeting for training on various activities of the SAC club.

The question raised by participants,

Whether it’s possible for YIDO to contribute for the SAC project at Kololo S.S and boost the flow of income in the club.

Mr. Kwizera George answered that YIDO can contribute a half of the starting capital. This means that the Club should have raised a half of the money required as starting capital.

Ainembabazi Sarah added that another way of raising money in the club is by encouraging members to save at least 500 shs every week by the end of the month its a lot of money.

The meeting was ended by a closing prayer from one of the SAC member in the club who prayed for cooperation between all the stakeholders and God to enable us put to action everything discussed in the meeting. He ended praying for protection for us all and our relatives in Jesus Name. Amen

Conclusively, the SAC club at kololo S.S has dedicated members like the president himself.

However, the club need motivation, training and sensitization  and financial support from YIDO.

I would recommend frequent follow-ups not only at Kololo S.S but even other SAC Club in other schools.

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